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What is a cookie?

A 'cookie' is a data file stored on the visitor's device, shared between the visitor and the server, allowing us to distinguish between different users who visit our website.

What does Limesquare use cookies for?

We use analytical cookies so that we can enhance the user's experience and collect meaningful information such as, where our visitors come from, which browser they use, the type of device they are using, which pages of our website they have visited, all enabling us to make improvements where needed and help give us a better idea of our online audience. These analytical cookies do not collect personal data about our visitors.

We use session variables for your convenience to remember the last vehicle search you made during a session, meaning you do not have to re-enter all form fields for each search you make.

If you would like more control over how your information is collected...

Limesquare uses Google Analytics to collect information about its users. If you would like the option to choose what data is collected from you, a browser add-on is available on the Google Analytics website.

If you would rather Limesquare cannot collect any information about you, you can disable cookies on your browser. Please consult the 'help' section of your browser on how to remove individual cookies from your device and block new cookies from being created.